Chiropractors Offer Modern Pain Management Treatment Options

Chiropractor treatment has expanded in the past 15 years dramatically. Decades ago, chiropractic treatment consisted mainly of spinal manipulations and a few exercises along with maybe some weight loss treatment. That is no longer the case by an exponential amount as multiple additional treatment are now being offered by chiropractors.Chiropractors receive considerable education after college that it’s actually four years just like medical school. They receive a very good education on the musculoskeletal anatomy, physiology, and treatment of the problem. As with most modern medical fields, advancements in chiropractic treatment have definitely kept up with the rest of pain management.Upon going to a modern chiropractic doctor’s office, you’ll often see a significant amount of electronic equipment. This includes a spinal decompression therapy machine, which is a technology involving computerized intermittent traction that can effectively relieve back pain, neck pain, or arm and leg pain. This has revolutionized the treatment of degenerative disease, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and facet arthritis along with ruptured or bulging discs.Another piece of treatment equipment you may see is electrical simulation and ultrasound. These devices are great for helping patients get better and involve laying on the table and having foam pads placed over the painful area. Then electrical stimulation is administered through the skin in order to alter the way that pain is perceived by the brain and is designed to tire out the muscles that are being treated in order to relieve pain. Ultrasound can help decrease inflammation along with pushing steroid medication from the skin a couple centimeters into the soft tissues acting as an intense anti-inflammatory medication.Additional equipment that you may see in a chiropractic office might look exactly like physical therapy equipment. The reason is that a lot of chiropractors are trained in physical rehabilitation, which is the same exercises involved in physical therapy except being performed by the chiropractor. This can work exceptionally well for low back and neck pain and along with the other treatments now being offered. This explains why chiropractic treatment is over 85% effective in the US.At any one point in time, over 10% of Americans are under the care of a chiropractic clinic. Based on the continually modern treatments being added to the profession, one can easily see why. Chiropractors in the US do not prescribe medications, yet the success rate for effectiveness in pain management is very high. The reason that these treatments along with spinal manipulation are great, and provide patients with the pain relief needed to increase their functional abilities.

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